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dnf迷之封印: Glamour in CES 2017 — MOMAX Total Phonetography Solution

MOMAX, the Hong Kong pioneer brand of mobile accessories, is proud to participate in the world-class tech event CES for the fifth year. With the presentation in Chic and Smart style, MOMAX invited industry insiders and media to enjoy brand new phonetography experience of innovative, visually and aurally appealing techcessories. Following the brand-new theme “Total Solution For Phonetography” this year, MOMAX continues to showcase the fusion of design and function inside its meticulous wood-adorned booth. Chic intelligence has taken another leap forward with the debut of additions to its phonetorgraphy novelties. At the center of the booth we introduce Tripod PRO 6, the most premium and prestige equipment among the image series products. Designed with sleek style, crafted with glamorous aluminum and equipped with professional features, it offers to enhance the flexibility and functionality than its competitors. Compact and easy to carry around, it is an enticing 4K shooting companion for travelers and photographers on the go. X-Lens series is another new launch under the spotlight. Made of high quality optical glass and electroplated aluminum frame, it is one of the most popular items of the photography product line. It features multi-elements optics: macro lens, fisheye lens, wide-angle lens, CPL filter and telephoto lens. In addition, the complimentary universal lens clip can be attached to any phones and tablets for snapping different kinds of incredible shots at ease. The X lens kit is precision engineered to deliver premium optics in the simplest, quickest and most versatile mobile lens system. Leveraging the success of our flagship product Selfie PRO, this year we roll out the carbon fibre version. Adhering to MOMAX legacy of superior craftsmanship, ease-of-use and ingenious functionality, it is ultra-light yet delivers even more advancements to versatility and performance. Apart from our product highlight, we have invited a professional guitarist Timothy to play an array of music live at our booth during 1100-1500, a wonderful musical gig you cannot miss out. Alternatively, you can also enjoy the gig by joining our daily FB live streaming session too. We have recorded and uploaded the amazing performance today with Tripod PRO and Selfie PRO on our Facebook page.